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Effortless Financial Management with Frames Technology

Frames Technology offers a wide range of features to help you manage your finances and operations with ease. From tracking accounts payable and receivable, to managing payroll, invoicing, and assets, our software has you covered.

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Manage accounts payable, receivable, general ledger, financial statements, and more to keep your finances organized.
Keep track of product details, purchase orders, availability, and stock reports to manage your inventory efficiently.
Simplify payroll management, calculate taxes and fees, and manage employee data and benefits with ease.
Create sales quotes, invoices, delivery orders, and keep track of sales returns with our comprehensive billing system.
Keep track of assets, their location, depreciation, and disposal with our asset management module.
Car Rental
Manage car rental operations by tracking clients, vehicles, and agreements/reservations.
⚡️ Maximize Your Efficiency with Automated Payroll Management
Say goodbye to manual payroll processes and enjoy the benefits of an automated system. With auto fill for all NSSF and tax declarations, as well as leave, spouse, R, monthly and quarterly subscriptions, you'll save time and streamline your payroll management effortlessly.
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Connected Dashboard and Management Modules

With a connected dashboard and management modules, Frames Technology streamlines all your business processes. You can access all your information in one place, allowing you to make informed decisions for your business.

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financial reporting

Streamline Your Finances

Simplify financial management with our comprehensive finance module. Get real-time insights for informed decision-making.

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Accounts payable and receivable management
Manage your payments and bills with ease.
Financial reporting and analysis
Manage your payments and bills with ease.
Reporting And Analytics
Comparative Balance (Yearly/Monthly)
Main Dashboard
Month End Need Reports (P&L/IS/Budget/BS...)
and more...
Purchasing & Billing
Invoice matching (Sales And Purchase Entry)
Purchase Orders
Sales Quotation
Proforma Invoice
Sales Invoice-Return
Tracking reports for sales invoice/Purchases
and more...
Financial Management
Cash Management
Receivables Collections
Expenses Tracking
Cost Management/Allocation Cost Center
Profit tracking
Revenue management
and more...
Seamless Integration

More Integrated Solutions

Archiving / File management
Efficient data management through seamless integration with top archiving and file management solutions. Keep your information secure and organized.
Appointment Management
Integrated appointment management for simplified scheduling and booking. Improve efficiency and enhance client experience.
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